NURAL 34 Filler Metals
  • NURAL 34 Filler Metals

NURAL 34 Filler Metals


Special adhesive putty to restore metal parts. Molded like clay and metal acquires consistency when cured (Shore D Hardness: 78). Working overtime.

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Product Features:

Mixing time: 1 hour is available for mixing and applying the product

Handling time: 4 hours

Curing time: after 6 hours resists 30 kg/cm2

Tensile shear traction (according to EN 1465): 50 kg/cm2 (24h, 23oC, steel)

Temperature resistance: from-30oC to +150 oC

Resistance to liquids: water resistant to oil and conventional solvents. Also resistant to acids and alkalis diluted

It contains no solvents and does not alter its volume to harden

Product Color: Grey

Areas of application:

Pattex Nural 34 hits, repairs and filled permanently. Once cured it can be sanded, polished, treated, machined and painted

Tips and Tricks:

Adheres to iron, steel, stainless steel, chrome steel, nickel plated steel, aluminum, copper, brass, tin and lead. It is also suitable for glass, glass, fiberglass, plastics, wood, marble, cement, and corrugated


Data sheet

50 gr.
From - 30 °C to 150 °C