¿Can I return my order?

If you aren't satisfied with your purchase or there's any problem with the order, you can make your return within a period of 7 working days of receipt, provided that the products you order are in perfect packaging.


¿How long it takes to get my order?

In the products lists in each category also in each product details you can see the stock of the product in our store, observe if it indicates "In Stock" or "By demand" even in the variants of each product like choosing the red colour also change the text depending on the stock.

In the event that the product was in stock, the estimated delivery time from confirming your order and pay is 24 / 48h. Shipments to Spanish mainland.

In the event that the product or its variant would mark "By Demand" or "Bajo pedido" when we get your order, we will indicate you by email or phone the estimated time delay depending on the supplier. However, it is normal to be delayed 24 hours in most of our suppliers.

You can also consult the estimated delivery of your order by Whatsapp in the number +34 619 150 192.


¿Field indicating address on the registration form?

This field indicates the type of address, for example, introduce on that field "Billing", it informs us that the data entered on the form are Billing Data, then once registered, you can create another address such as "Shipping Address" if that is different from the billing.


¿What shipping method can I select when ordering?

In normal cases the method to be selected is Seur, although depending on the total weight of the order (maximum 500grs), might have the choice of shipping using Correos whose cost is well below Seur, but has the limitation on the maximum weight of 500 grams and only for Spanish mainland.

At the same time, you can choose "Recogida en Tienda", that method is obviously free, but requires the buyer to pick up the products in our shop in Rivas Vaciamadrid in Madrid.


¿What is the difference between the Paypal payment method or  Redsys payment gateway?

Both payment options are safe and need to have a credit card or debit card. The difference is that Paypal must have an account with them or create it at the time of ordering, once registered in Paypal and confirmed their card with them, you can make purchases using a username and password without entering the card details like the card number, expiration date, etc.

The Redsys payment gateway is very similar to the way you pay in physical stores, restaurants, etc. by conventional dataphones but instead of swiping the card, you must enter the card number, expiration date and verification code 3 digits on the back of the card. In some cases, depending on the security system of online payments service through your bank, you may require the introduction of a confirmation code sent to your mobile by SMS.